How To Clean Different Fabric Upholsteries With Fabric Couch Cleaning Sydney?

How To Clean Different Fabric Upholsteries With Fabric Couch Cleaning Sydney?

How To Clean Different Fabric Upholsteries With Fabric Couch Cleaning Sydney?

Your living room furniture is the most often used asset in your house. With prolonged use it accumulates dirt, debris, pet hair, germs and moulds etc. As these are extremely hazardous to your health, you must regularly clean your furniture upholstery at least weekly once.  Normal cleaning involves vacuuming and instant cleaning of spots and stains as they occur. In addition, you must also get your furniture upholsteries cleaned by using a professional cleaning service.

Regency Upholstery Cleaning Sydney in existence from 2003 has an excellent reputation in Sydney and its environs in the upholstery cleaning area. We are valued by our loyal customers for the excellent service that we provides in its detailed and professional upholstery cleaning services. We extend our Upholstery Cleaning Sydney services to both residential and commercial customers for their premises.

We use a number of upholstery cleaning methods to keep our furniture clean and bright. We have already mentioned the DIY cleaning methods commonly used in the preceding paragraph.

Some commonsense rules to clean different fabric upholsteries include:

    • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions relating to fabric care. Normally, they provide detailed fabric care steps. Normally they are in the form of fabric tags attached to your upholstery fabric. Update yourself on what the commonly used symbols W, S, WS and X mean as relating to fabric care.

(Hint: W- Water, S- Solvent, WS- both Water and Solvent, X only Vacuuming)

  • Clean all stains and spills immediately. You do all that you can to avoid stains and soils on your valuable furniture. Barring that, accidental spills are common in a house which welcomes guests and has small children and pets.
  • Make use of colour fast and clean clothes to clean your fabric to avoid the dyes from the cleaning cloth transferring to your upholstery fabric.
  • Use what is the least abrasive and harmful solution for your upholstery fabric. For all W fabrics using water a mild detergent with some effort causes the least damage to the fabric.
  • Run a test run of your DIY cleaning solution on a small patch of the upholstery fabric. This way, you can avoid an adverse reaction damaging the whole fabric.
  • Take the precaution of keeping your fabric upholstery and leather furniture away from direct sunlight. This causes the fabric to fade or leather upholstery to peel and tear.

 Cleaning methods for different Upholstery fabrics

1. Synthetic Fabrics:

These include fabrics like polyester, nylon, acrylic etc. Most of these fabrics can be cleaned with water. Use a water-based mild detergent in combination with water. Make sure that you follow the preceding steps before applying a specific cleaning product or cleaning agent to the fabric.  If you see any signs of damage, make sure that you immediately switch to another product.

2. Natural fabrics include cotton, wool, silk, velvet and linen:

These fabrics are all made from natural fibres. Go easy when you are cleaning with water so most of these fabrics have a tendency to retain water. When these fabrics retain too much water, there may be a tendency to shrink. You can always depend on Couch Cleaning Sydney to professionally clean such fabrics without shrinkage or permanent damage to the fabric upholstery.

3. Combination fabrics:

These are fabrics which include a mix of natural fibres and synthetic fibres. The blend of the natural fibres with the manmade fibres may be 50: 50 or more. Expert cleaners like Sofa Cleaning Sydney follow the perfect cleaning methods for such fabrics. This ensures that your upholstery looks bright, new and clean and also restored to its original state.

4. Microfibre Fabrics:

When your furniture upholstery is made of microfibre material, it is relatively easy to clean. As the name itself signifies, each microscopic area is densely packed with a large amount of fibres. This dense fabric weave pattern prevents the dirt and debris from penetrating deep into the fabric. You can always easily brush of the dirt with a small brush and vacuum the area. This will render the fabric sufficiently clean. You can also follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care of microfabric upholstery.

5. Leather Fabrics:

Leather is a costly fabric. Your leather furniture is probably a one-time investment. You must proceed with extreme care while cleaning leather upholstery.  If you have any doubts, you can always rely on Couch Cleaning Sydney to clean your leather upholstery without damage.


Each type of fabric or animal skin upholstery requires specialised care. For your personal convenience and also ensure expert care of your upholstery fabrics, schedule an appointment with Upholstery Cleaning Sydney services to provide the best care.

Regency Upholstery Cleaning also offers same-day and emergency appointments. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience for the professional cleaning of your furniture upholstery. We work 24X7, all days of the week to ensure that your living room always looks clean and welcoming. Contact us today at 0480031225 to schedule an appointment.

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